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So, what can you do about this?

Low Self-Esteem Treatment Process

First step in my low self-esteem treatment process is to understand low self-esteem and your origin of it a bit better.  Then we will work together using special techniques to eliminate the thoughts that cause them.

Root Identification

Root identification is the most important step for low self-esteem treatment. It can feel like these negative and self-loathing thoughts will always be with you, but it’s absolutely possible to change them. You weren’t born with these thoughts of unworthiness and “not enough-ness” –they came from somewhere, and once you figure out where, the real work of eliminating them can begin.

Here’s an example to better explain that concept:

When you go to the doctor with a sore throat, her treatment plan is much more effective when she knows a bit about your sore throat: is it just from a cold, or is it from strep throat? do you just need time and rest, or do you require penicillin?

Your emotional well-being is no different. If you feel you’re not good enough, we want to know why that is: were those ideas engrained in you during childhood, or did a rejection in your teen years trigger these thoughts? Both scenarios are traumatic and life changing, but they are also different, and require different approaches to fully address their impact on your life and well-being and will improve your low self-esteem treatment.

The more information we have to identify the root cause of these thoughts, the more successful we will be in eliminating them.

Elimination Process

Through common techniques for low self-esteem treatment, techniques such as deep exploration, release work, “the empty chair” process, homework assignments, changing your self-talk, identifying some of your core beliefs, and starting the process of deciding which, if any, of these beliefs currently serve you, you will learn how to finally let things go and see yourself for who you truly are; not for who you have always thought you were.

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